Culidex: Your Ultimate Kitchen Aid

Discover the ultimate cooking partner with Culidex, your indispensable kitchen toolkit! Designed for the modern Hobby Chef who regularly finds inspiration in the many cooking videos on Instagram and TikTok, Culidex says goodbye to the frustration of poorly readable text, constant scrolling, and the inability to quickly make a shopping list.

Culidex features

The Swiss Army Knife in the Kitchen

Ready - steady- cook!

With a simple 'Copy link' action, Culidex retrieves the recipe. If necessary, it translates it and converts the measurements to your customary standard. Thanks to AI, the preparation steps are then rewritten so that the corresponding ingredients are shown at each step, making endless scrolling a thing of the past.

Smart Shopping Made Easy

The 'Shopping List' button provides you with a checkable shopping list sorted by supermarket department. Through the 'Menu Planner', you can immediately indicate when you want to cook the recipe and for which guests. This way, you avoid serving your guests the same dish twice. If you have multiple recipes planned for a day, you can even combine the separate ingredient lists into one shopping list.

Your Culinary Database

Culidex stores all the recipes you have retrieved and automatically adds extra information such as 'type of cuisine' (Spanish, Indian, etc.) and 'type of dish' (appetizer, main, side) as well as the source (author) and a link to the original video. Of course, a comprehensive search function is not missing.

Wine Pairing Perfection

From the recipe, you can also directly click through to one of Culidex's other functionalities: 'Which wine with this dish'. Again, based on AI, Culidex provides 4 suggestions based on the main ingredients of a dish, focusing on the type of wine and region/country. Culidex also provides a rationale for why the selected type of wine matches the dish. You can then click through to your favorite supermarket or liquor store via the Culidex Shop Assistant to see if they have this type of wine and, if so, which one fits your budget.

Culidex has links to 400 supermarkets, liquor stores, and online shops in 34 countries.


Culidex is a web-app and is easily installed from the web browser of your smartphone or tablet operating with iOS or Android.

Try Culidex for free now

After the trial period, you have the option of a usage license of:

  • $ 2.99 - license for 1 year
There is no automatic renewal.
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Install Culidex

Install Culidex web-app

You can easily install the Culidex web-app on your iPhone or iPad. From the currently opened webpage, follow these steps:

  1. Tap at the bottom of your browser on Image
  2. Scroll up and select:
    Add to Home Screen
  3. Launch the web-app now
    and ask your first question.

Install Culidex web-app

You can easily install the Culidex web-app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Ensure that you have this page opened in Chrome. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the icon with three dots.
  2. Select
    Install app
  3. Add to home screen, then launch the web-app
    and ask your first question.

Install Culidex web-app

The Culidex web-app is actually designed for smartphones and/or tablets. However, you can also open the web-app on your laptop or PC.


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